Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love To Dance

(That's JR at the barre, not me. But I can do that too!)
I stood at the barre today for the first time in a month.
As the music began to play and I did a grand plie, swept down into a port de bras and came back up  with my arm flowing out to one side, I was exactly where I needed to be.

A lot of people do exercises they hate. I love to dance. Nowhere does my body frustrate me so much in its inability to do what my 10 year old can do effortlessly, and elate me so much in what I can achieve.

In every class, there is a moment--be it one barre exercise,  the adagio, one combination at center, or even the reverence at the end of class, where my body does exactly what I want it to. When the movement and the music blend together and lift me into the nearest thing I may ever have to a spiritual experience.
Do what you love and you'll want to keep doing it.

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