Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today I Am Not "The Library Lady"

No, I have been the IT lady:
I spent almost 1 1/2 hours helping my dad set up AVG Free software on his new laptop computer. I helped him get the computer and set it up for him at Christmas, but there were problems and we've had to redo things. This is made more difficult by the fact that I am doing this by phone and that he's 88 and not always fully at ease with his computer.  I literally had to run it on my computer so I could coach him step by step through the process.
I also had to explain to him about "phishing" because he'd gotten something he THOUGHT was from his bank--and it wasn't. No harm done as far as we can tell--and with the new software he should be fine.
Meanwhile, at work I had to go up and help the lazy good for nothing library para who was running reference today because she can't/won't do anything technical--though she has no problem using the Net for her own purposes.
I diagnosed that the card reader for the public printer was the problem, NOT the printer, rolled my eyes when the idiot  IT manager came in and decided the same thing (after I'd told him so)and showed the para how to move prints from the public computers to the desk computer so we could print things for people. And later, as I expected returned to show her how again!
And tonight, at home, I got SC's computer's wireless connection back up and running.
Maybe I need to get a job with "Geek Squad"!

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