Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tranquil Public Library

We had a guy in here this AM who started cussing at his Internet station. When the lady next to him asked him to stop, he headed into the bathroom and came out cussing loudly. The ref manager told him to stop. He cussed him out. The manager told him to leave for the day. He kept cussing--and threatening everyone. Then it was for a week. Then a month. The branch manager came out and told him to leave and not come back for 6 months. He cussed him out all the way down the stairs, threatened him, stood face to face and poked him. I called the cops, but by then he was gone. Meanwhile a woman who says she's his wife had come down and she stood outside with the cops, telling them it was all lies. That the manager had touched her kids (he was across the room at the time). That the lady had gotten them in trouble because he was just "talking to himself". Who cared if it was audible and obscene? He's banned for 6 months--if he comes back, we call the cops and he'll be arrested. She's still allowed to come in, though I hope she does not. She had a toddler in a stroller and a little boy with her and she was yelling at the boy. It broke my heart. Just another day at that haven of tranquility, the public library in 2010...................

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