Friday, February 05, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

The NWS has us under a winter storm warning and is as of now is predicting 20-28 inches, as much or more than we got back in December. More than we have ever gotten in the 22 years I've been here! When I was a kid in NYC, I thought of Virginia as a "Southern" place, but Northern Virginia is firmly part of the Mid Atlantic. We have had plenty of winter weather as cold and nasty as any I experienced up north. But we've had very little snow for the last 7 or 8 years, to the point where buying the girls snow gear has often been an exercise in futility. In fact, the last time we had this bad a winter was in February 2003, when we had a 3 day storm. I remember it vividly-- I was stranded at home w/ an 8 yr old, 3 1/2 year old, 2 cats and a healing broken foot! The Man was at work during that storm--he works for public works in the next county over. Back then, he was low enough on the totem pole to draw "snow duty"--mostly working in the office, occasionally riding shotgun with the plow drivers. Nowadays he is office staff and seldom called in, but just as is the case at my library,budget cuts have left them shorthanded and he is "on reserve" for Sunday night. Hopefully he will get home before the snow gets bad tonight and if his car gets buried--and it probably will--he won't have to go back in. I was reckless enough to go to the stores this morning at 7 to buy a few extra things. We're always well provisioned here, but I had an item or two I really needed. One store was absolute chaos--the meat department was stripped bare. Other departments were missing stuff too. The lines were 15 deep, though they opened up an extra self check and I was able to dodge the worst of the crowds. Don't these folks shop for food on a regular basis? The other store was well stocked--though one or two produce items we really could have used were gone. They had milk and eggs and toilet paper and all those things folks buy in a panic. The lines were minimal--I got through self check in minutes. No school for the girls today--in fact SC is still asleep. I didn't go to ballet because I've got some sort of cold that had BETTER start going away--I don't like the coughing. And since I wasn't due at work until 11 anyway, I didn't go in at all. I just hope they close early. I love my job, but the library is NOT a vital service on a snow day! We've got plenty of stuff in the house. Leftover ham and a ham bone for the navy bean soup the girls love. Beef, mushrooms, onions and yogurt/sour cream for stroganoff and the noodles to serve it on. A turkey breast to roast and its leftover carcass to cook into broth for turkey corn chowder--I'll have to post the recipe for that. Obviously, my crockpot will be busy. The pantry and the fridge are stocked with what we need. We buy our cat food by the case on line. And we buy our toilet paper by the case at Costco Wink Most importantly, there is plenty of garlic on hand for the Man when he gets home. But I am not going to relax and enjoy this snow until he does........

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