Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The kids went back to school this AM. There was a 2 hour delay and the Man went in to work late so that I could get to work on time.
I am glad, glad, GLAD that the girls are back in school because cabin fever had long set in. SC missed her friends and found that even her computer, ITunes and artwork were losing their charms. JR dawdled over a potentially fun assignment that had been due last Monday, only finishing it last night. Except for the cover--that she saved for before school this AM. Yell  And because I didn't stand over her and cajole her to practice for ballet, she did not do so all week--and I had to hear from Lynne about how the other girls had called her, telling her all about their practicing.  Frankly the other girls need it more than JR does--the little brat is naturally good. But it exasperates me that JR doesn't seem to get WHY practicing is so important, and I really don't want to hear about those other girls!  Aside from baking and cooking, I didn't do much either last week. Ten days of my life were mainly devoted to sleeping, eating, watching the forecasts on the computer and TV and not much more. Perhaps my brain and body needed that, but there were all those closets to clean, all those photos to organize, all those things I COULD have done.
(On the other hand, the Man did even less, aside from go to work for several days......)
The girls were originally scheduled to go back on Tuesday, but sidewalks and roads are still so bad that the city decided to wait one more day. It really is bad--especially in the picturesque tourist section of town where I work. Parking is next to impossible--cleared spaces are far and few and you end up parking against the snowbanks thrown up by the plows. Walking is even more difficult--though the law says homeowners and businesses need to clear their sidewalks, there are snowbanks at corners and the paths have iced over in places.
But the city had us reopen yesterday. Our first day back after 11 days closed and they didn't even allow us a few hours to get things back in shape. Grr..
We spent 3 hours clearing all the books returned in the drop during the storm. There were at least 8 3-tier book trucks loaded with books, DVDs, etc. Staff worked with a will, but we are still awaiting shipments of our books returned at the other branches, which will not be a lot of fun.
Despite writing on my calendar "no programs this week" as a PLANNED break, noting on same calendar that if the schools are closed/delayed for weather programs are canceled and regularly TELLING patrons at programs all that info, we've had calls and walk-ins a plenty for programs. Why do I bother?
Oh, well, we're back. Things are getting back to normal.
Sort of.............

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