Monday, February 01, 2010

That Heinlein Quote

By request, I AM repeating the Heinlein quote--it's from "Time Enough For Love". Several people have commented that we should have civil unions for all--and I'm all for that--we were married in a civil ceremony by a justice of the peace. I wrote about civil unions in July as "Want to "Defend" Marriage? Let Gays Marry" And I've always liked Garrison Keilor's comment "We should let gays marry. Why shouldn't they be miserable like the rest of us?" Companionship, partnership, mutual reassurance, someone to laugh and grieve with, loyalty that accepts foibles, someone to touch, someone to hold your hand, that is "marriage" and "sex" is but the icing on the cake. Oh, that icing can be wonderfully tasty--but it is NOT the cake. A marriage can lose that "icing"--say through accident--and still go on and on and on, giving happiness to those who share it...........

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