Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day--Not

I appreciate my spouse's support and caring about 360 days a year.
But (with a few rare exceptions) on my birthday,Christmas,our wedding anniversary,Valentine's Day and Mother's Day he either totally ignores the occasion or makes a half hearted effort that is even less appealing than ignoring it would be.

I am going to get to sit back and watch SC's boyfriend, and one day in the future JR's shower them w/flowers,gifts and other whatnot and will just have to deal with it.

Just as I've had to endure multiple Christmases @ my in-laws where my brother in law showers my sister-in-law with stuff--a process made more unendurable by the fact that she innocently wants to videotape us opening gifts one by one. And I generally get--zip. The one thing I hate about the holiday.
Truthfully, my hope is that the men in their lives will treat them right the other 360 days a year, which I know full well matters most of all.
But it rankles. And it always will.

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