Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"All Or Nothing" Seldom Works, Or:"This Is What Change Looks Like"

No h I'm thinking of that song in "Oklahoma" that the stubborn, macho cowboy sings: With me it's all er nuthin'. Is it all er nuthin' with you? It cain't be "in between" It cain't be "now and then" No half and half romance will do! This sort of thing seldom works in real life. And no place is that better illustrated than in the health care bill right now. As the President said last night "this is what change looks like". Change doesn't start with "all er nuthin' ". Change doesn't come from the far right or the far left. It tends to come from the middle. Nothing too extreme, nothing too radical. And when people get used to it, change can continue. I am with the progressive Democrats who yearned for single payer. I am with those who want to see the health "industry" (snarl) thieves all out on the unemployment lines--without health insurance. But this is what we have been able to get. For a start. One step in the right direction. A lot more to follow.

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