Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apparently "It's Not Easy Being Green" When It Comes To Library Property

Dear Patrons, I know that many of you are relentlessly "green" at home. Everything for little Jake/Katie's nursery was picked to be eco friendly. You buy all your groceries at Whole Foods and the organic farmer's market. You drive a Prius--or at least you feel guilty about that SUV you carry your tiny tot in. You sort your newspapers and your cans for the bins. You try to cut down on packaging. So why is it that you and your kids abuse the PLASTIC CD and video cases and wreck the PLASTIC hanging bags that we use here at the library? I just spent an hour replacing broken CD cases and now have the fun task of replacing bags and relabeling them. I have thrown out at least 10 broken CD boxes--and they are NOT made of recycled plastic! Those items that will rot in the landfill for the next century or two are on YOUR guilt list, not mine. It's YOUR "carbon footprint" that's responsible. And while we're at it, it's damned inconsiderate towards others who use these materials. But that never figures into your "green" life, does it? Ecologically correctly yours, The Library Lady

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