Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Different Verse, Same As The First": Again, Etiquette For Story Hours

Dear Parents/Nannies: A few thoughts after a very long morning: If your child howls, take him out. Immediately! And when you do take him out, please do so quietly. Don't expect to come back in--that door is closed for a reason (!) If your child runs all around the room during the time in a program when all the other kids are sitting down, perhaps he doesn't want to be there, and you should take him out. If you and your good friend want to chat instead of listen to the program, or perhaps even (extreme thought) help your kids to participate, take them out! And if your child is participating and you're bored, feel free to veg out. But texting when you're sitting right in front of me is damned rude. Besides, I'm not THAT boring! Wearily yours , The Library Lady

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