Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enlighten The Gentiles #38: No Noshing In the Library

I am a nosher. I love to nibble between meals. Trapped at home by the winter weather, stressed by things at work and home, I nibbled my way into gaining about 5 pounds. That's coming off thanks to Weight Watchers, but my love of noshing will always be with me. In fact, right now, I am having a noshing sort of breakfast--blueberries and Cheerios, eaten with my fingers.Innocent The Yiddish word nosh comes from the German word nachen. Which according to Leo Rosten translates as "to eat on the sly". This once may have been appropriate. Long ago, it was considered rude to eat in public. Hey, even not that long ago-- back in the bad old days before there was a Starbucks on every corner --you didn't see people wandering around constantly with a coffee cup in hand. Or a snack. People stopped, ate a snack or had a cup of coffee, and then moved on with their day. They didn't need to be constantly fed and watered. Nor did their kids. Somehow, before the days of cars with cup holders and snack trays, before super strollers with mom & child cup holders, our kids did not have to constantly nosh on the go. A snack on a long trip? Sure. A walk to the library? Nope, nope, nope. The need to constantly feed kids has gotten so prevalent that the NY Times recently had this article about kids and snacking. Catch this: Although daily snack calories have increased by 168, overall daily eating during the study period increased by only 113 calories. This suggests that snacking has eroded meal time and that children are taking in slightly fewer calories during breakfast, lunch and dinner, when more healthful foods are typically served, because of their intense snacking habits. Overall, snacking now accounts for about 27 percent of an average child’s total daily calories. I bring this up because after reminding my nannies/parents that food is NOT allowed in the library--at all-- once again this morning I found crushed cheerios/crackers/whatever on the carpets. And I'm damned tired of it. Sigh...... Until next time--abei gezunt--stay healthy. And save those noshes for AFTER you leave the library!

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