Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maybe I Am Going Something Right....

SC could take the bus to school. But over the cold weather, I got in the habit of driving her to school. She admitted last week that she's not happy on the school bus. For one thing there's a boy she's had issues with in the past on it and for another she's about the last stop so she always gets a lousy seat. I have to go in the opposite direction to get here there,but I've got almost an hour of "free" time in the morning before I have to be at work, and work's not far away. And the park I tell stories in during the summer is just down the block--as the weather gets nicer I think I may do some morning walks there. And truthfully, it's nice to have SC back in the car with me. Her middle school was right on my way to work and I drove her daily for those 3 years. I've missed the morning car time. It was always our time to chat, just the two of us. The one thing I hate about taking her is that we have to go through a miserable traffic area--not that miserable traffic is anything but the norm in NoVA--and then get back out of it to head for work. We'd had a bad bit of traffic and I was grousing about the whole thing. "Well, Mom,"said SC. "If YOU were running things everything would work correctly and there would be a lot less problems in the world." And she WASN'T being sarcastic. She MEANT it. Nicest compliment I've had in quite a while!

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