Monday, March 15, 2010

She Gets It From Her Dad

Some of you know about this from Facebook, but this is the fuller tale: I will take no credit for SC and JR's artistic abilities--aside perhaps for their color sense, especially JR's Tongue out Yes, I am creative, but I cannot draw a straight line without a ruler. But both the girls really draw well. It's from the Man. He is a talented artist and has won two design contests in the county where he works. The logo for his department and for another major department are his work. So I can kvell about this unashamedly. Last Friday I got out of work to pick up JR from school and turned on my cell phone. I don't keep it on generally when I'm at work. And there was a text message from SC: "Guess what--I just won a mosaic contest and get $1000." SC is not allowed to text during school hours. If it wasn't for the fact that it was her phone #, I'd have thought this to be some sort of junk mail. Called the Man--he knew nothing about a contest. Got back to work, went Googling and found there had been a contest to design a mosaic for a new "green" building in our town. Open to all students in the city.First prize--$1000 to the student, $1000 to the school's art department and the chance to create the mural. She won! SC is a talented kid, but in schools where there are tons of rich pushy parents and where her own parents are NEITHER, she has never had the chance to shine. Now she has won something big. Not a school award given by fatuous teachers, but an award judged by outsiders purely on her work. Like I said, the talent comes from her father. But she's my girl too. And I am so,so, SO proud of her!

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