Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, We Can. And Yes, We MUST

It's getting scary out there.

Sunday, hate filled demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Capitol and Republican congressman stood on the balcony above, cheering them on. The demonstrators spat on and used racial and homophobic epithets towards the Democrats.
The rest of the Democrats walked in a group through the mob.
Just as civil rights demonstrators had done 40 years before, they walked the gauntlet, and didn't let their fear bully them into backing down.
Today there are reports of threats made to 10 different Congressman. Bricks have been thrown through windows. Threatening calls have been made to Congressional homes.
And the brother of Tom Pariello, a Virginia Congressman, had the gas line cut at his home by hoodlums who thought it was Pariello's home.  Either way, their goal of causing harm is really "pro-life", don't you think?
The Republicans are largely nodding and saying "Well, people are angry".

Who made them angry?
Who has, to paraphrase Lincoln, stirred up the "worse demons of their nature"?
Who has encouraged ignorance, and fear?
This mix of Will I Am's "Yes, We Can" video, and Congressman John Boehner's horrific final Sunday night rant might seem funny. But it's not.
What it is is beautiful, because it shows what we, the American people must do.
Get past the hate. And not let it stop us on the road we are traveling.

Yes. We can.
Yes. We MUST.

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