Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Goniffs Of Wall Street Are Relative To Me

I use the word today about the grilling of the Goldman Sachs goniffs going on this morning across the river on Capitol Hill.
Someone summed up what is going on in these folks' heads this morning with the following comment on the NY Times:
Three people are walking their dogs in Central Park.
The first one is an engineer, and she lets her dog off his leash and the dog digs up a pile of bones.
The doctor lets his dog off the leash, and his dog rebuilds the skeleton of the squirrel from the bones.
They ask the investment banker what his dog does, he says "Watch!"

He lets his dog off his leash, his dog goes out and f-cks the other two dogs and runs away. 

I wince at all of this for personal reasons. First,  because as I may have mentioned before, my brother is a hedge fund senior manager. He worked for several major investment firms, but as it happens, never for Goldman Sachs. And while I hope that he is one of the few good, honest sorts of people working there, I've got my doubts about it. It's not the sort of business where these folks succeed, and my brother IS successful--at least in a monetary sense.
At least in a hedge fund, he is more likely to be robbing other fat cats rather than widows and orphans. Small comfort, but there is that. It's a private concern for millionaires, not a public company ruining the economy like GS.
Their crap has thrown thousands of people out of work. And that's my other personal reason. One of those people is my brother-in-law, who worked for GS's IT contractor.

He wasn't making millions like these guys.  He was just a working guy making a decent salary to support himself and his family.
And now he's unemployed. And those fat cats are making more money than ever--though it doesn't translate into rehiring anyone.
They're sitting there in the Senate committee room smirking, making excuses and still screwing the rest of us.
Here's hoping that the Senate wises up and doesn't let these dogs run away, and deny responsibility for their actions.

Here's hoping the fat cats are held accountable. That people like my brother have less money to go to St Lucia on vacation and pay for full time maids while people like my brother-in-law lose their apartments.
The American people are watching. And they really ARE "mad as hell" this time.
I certainly am..............

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