Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hostages To Fortune

When Francis Bacon used this term he was referring to a man's wife and children. But it applies to the wife as well. Especially the wife as a mother.
Fifteen years ago this week, I sat with baby SC in my arms, tears streaming down my face as I watched the news coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Eleven years ago today, I was at home on bed rest, about a month from giving birth to JR. Lying in bed, tears streaming down my face as I watched the news coverage of Columbine.
Yesterday, men and women with guns assembled openly at a public event minutes from where I live. One spoke on NPR about how the government was taking away gun rights because it had plans for a new world wide government(!) These people spewing forth hate and talking about using those guns. Not for home defense, or for hunting, but for heading out and killing other people whom they perceive as their enemy.
Today, there are kids who stayed away from my daughter's high school because 4 kids have been suspended for talking about a Columbine like event today. There's a Face Book page SC spotted, raking up rumors and fear.
Until you have kids, you never realize how deeply you will feel about them. You may know that you will love your hypothetical kids, but when you hold that real little person in your arms  you will feel the power of that love both in joy and in fear.

Fear for their safety. Fear because you will realize that no matter what you do, there will be things you will never be able to protect them from.
Fear because you will realize how precious life is and how fragile it can be.
The hate out there terrifies me. The homegrown terrorists, the angry teens with guns and bombs, the Oklahoma City and Columbine and Virginia Tech crazies scare me far more than Al Quaeda.

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