Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idle Thought

I used to take on of the Man's duffel bags to the consignment sale twice a year and for about $250 get pretty much everything the girls needed for 6 months. Perhaps I'd have to buy their bathing suits or winter coats new, and I always bought their underwear, socks and shoes at the store, but otherwise? Consignment sales did the trick.
Last night I went to the sale and came home with 3 shirts, 2 pairs of PJs, a skirt and a pair of pants for JR. And last weekend I spent $200 ordering her shorts and cropped pants for summer from LL Bean and Lands End.
And SC and I shop together in various stores "Misses" departments--she has neither the shape nor the inclination for the teenagerish sort of shops.
Sometimes we even buy the same shirts. Though we never wear them when we're out together.
How times have changed. And how my wallet feels it..............

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