Friday, April 02, 2010

Notes From A Cherry Blossom Expedition

1) I know that when we park the car in a major mall near the hotels and take the Metro we are going to besieged by tourists. But FEH anyway. Can't these folks learn how to use the Metro Farecard machines BEFORE they get into the station?
2)The lady next to me was no tourist and knew damn well food and drink are taboo in the Metro.Which did not stop her from scarfing down chips and drinking a soda. At least she didn't toss her trash on the floor before she left--though I wouldn't have put it past her.
3)I am really tired of folks under the impression that it's just fine to pick blossoms off the tree. Aside from the fact that it's a public park, not their damn garden, it damages the fragile trees. And that goes double for the parents who think it's funny to let their kids pull on the branches.
4)Anyone who waded in the Tidal Basin overflow deserves whatever ecoli germs they bring home. It's not a fricking swimming pool!
5)My husband needs to set up a business snapping group photos for strangers during cherry blossom time. People seem to know he'll be happy to help them and he does so.
6)And SC is following in his footsteps. I turned around and saw her taking a photo for a mom and daughter!
7) I could spend hours sitting and watching the crowds. It's truly international--we heard so many languages and could recognize Tagalog (of course), French, Spanish, Russian & Chinese among others.
8) We had to wonder about the Wilfred Brimley look alike sitting near us on a bench. First he appeared to be doing his taxes (!), then he really partied by pulling out a jar of peanut butter and a bunch of crackers. Fun guy.
9)Cranky teenage daughters are far more of a pain in the ass than cranky toddlers. I mean, I'd EXPECT toddlers to be cranky. 
10) Ben & Jerry's in Georgetown ought to realize that on the first Friday the temp gets close to 80 that they're going to be selling a heap lot of frozen lattes. And to run out of milk just before I get there is going to get them a nasty e-mail about the incompetence of the staff. On the bright side, I saved $6 and a lot of calories...
11)Out on the water, the blossoms look more white than pink than they do when you're walking among them. And though it's lovely to walk among them, it's also lovely to ride out on the Potomac knowing that all those people are milling about among the blooms during the hottest part of the day, when you've already had your walk and are on the water.
12)My kids can exhaust me just as much now as when they were little. Which is why I took a 2 hour nap tonight.
Pictures as soon as I can get them from my camera and uploaded here...............

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