Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Mess With The Librarian's Kid

Remember this bumper sticker I acquired last year?
Which, BTW, I now have a t-shirt:
I put this into action last week the day SC allowed a girl she knows from several classes to borrow her phone to text her mother.
This was wrong on two counts. First because the kids are NOT allowed to use the phones in school and second because SC knew that a friend had loaned this same girl her phone and had problems getting it back.

Sure enough, the girl went off with her phone and did NOT meet SC after school to return it. SC knew that I would panic if she did not call as usual after school, so she rushed towards home, tripped and fell on the way, and ended up stopping at her boyfriend's home, bruised, suffering from cramps(just started),overheated and in tears. He, sweet boy that he is, calmed her down and had her call me.

Good thing, because not only was I panicking because I hadn't heard from her, I was panicking because her phone has a locator service on it. And according to the locator she was on the other side of town, in a car or bus. She might have gone home w/a friend, but I couldn't be sure. Where the heck was my kid?
I picked her up at the boyfriend's house. She called her phone several times--no reply.  So Mama the Library Lady went into action.
We used the locator to see where approximately where the classmate lived--SC didn't know her home address. We drove there, and as we did, I hit on calling the library and asking them to use the Haines Directory. Also called the "Criss Cross" you can look up an address and find the owner's name and the phone number.
The first street turned up nothing. The second came up with the right last name--and the phone number.

We pulled up in front of the house. I called the number and said "Hi, this is SC's mother. We're outside. Could you please come out and bring her cell phone?"
SC got her phone--and two important lessons.
One, don't loan out your cell phone--or if you do, do it when the person is STANDING RIGHT THERE to use it.

And two--don't piss off the librarian. We've got the power. The power of information!!

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