Monday, May 24, 2010

JR Is 11

Yesterday my sweet baby, my darling, exasperating, wonderful younger daughter turned 11.
She didn't want much in the way of gifts. For some reason, she wanted a sock monkey. And she wanted the rest of the "Percy Jackson" book series that she didn't have. She has really gotten into that series.
SC gave her a small Ugly doll. She had planned on getting her the sock monkey, but got her that instead. It was her own idea to buy her sister a gift. "Well, I usually get gifts for my friends."
Not that she thinks of JR as a friend, mind you. But it's a start!
We all went out to breakfast and we took along JR's very best friend, her friend from babyhood, whom the Man often refers to as her "half sister". And we took SC's boyfriend, who handled the family craziness and giggling tweens quite well. He really IS a nice guy!
 In the afternoon the teens went to see Iron Man 2 while I took the girls to Shrek IV. I think I liked it better than JR did, she didn't think it was that funny!
We had her cake in the evening after dinner. She wanted an angelfood cake and I made it from this recipeI am not sure if something happened w/the egg whites, or if I didn't remove it soon enough, but it broke in half getting out of the pan. The Man helped me fix it up, but since we didn't frost it, it was not a pretty cake and there's no picture. It was tasty though, and we served it with fresh strawberries and a home made warm chocolate sauce--recipe at the end of this.
It was a busy birthday. And this AM JR complained about stomach ache and allergy symptoms and is staying home from school.
Truthfully, I could use a day to recover from this weekend myself. But that's for another post......

Notes:This makes a lot--original recipe claimed 12 servings. I cut it in half, and we still have some leftover in the fridge.
Original recipe also suggested heating butter, chocolate and milk on the stove. The microwave is FASTER!

2 TBS butter (the real thing)
4 squares semi-sweet chocolate (the baking kind)
1 can sweetened condensed evaporated milk (I use the fat free kind)
1 tsp vanilla
Place the butter and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl--I use a glass measuring cup.
Heat in the microwave, stopping every 30 seconds to stir until butter and chocolate are nearly melted.
Remove and stir until fully melted. Add the milk. When it's fully blended, stir in the vanilla.

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