Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Busy Week

Monday started with JR's promotion ceremony. That was easy enough aside from having to spend last Friday in one last desperate search for a dress--we found that lovely one at Macy's, just as we'd found SC's graduation dress--and time in fixing her hair. Luckily, she'd gotten it cut on Saturday, talked to our stylist about how to wear it and they'd come up with something that not only did both of us like, it was DOABLE. I am a lousy hairdresser. After that I came to work to get things ready for: 1)A children's booksale (Tuesday) 2)(Also on Tuesday) A children's stuffed animal auction (patrons don't pick them up so they're going) that included photographing the animals, writing descriptions and making up an auction book. Like doing Ebay sales if you've done that. 3)A Tuesday program for 18-24 month olds--though that was easy since I do the same 4 programs each June for a new audience. 4)A big Wednesday story time that required making a lot of animal visors and props and during this crafting involved burning my left ring finger w/the glue gun. 5)Props, scenery and setting up a long unused puppet theater for a puppet show program today. It's all done. Everything's been a success except for the animal auction--may have to rethink that. And now there's nothing left to do. Nothing that is except put everything away, re-gather the stuff from Wednesday to use at ballet camp on Friday, plan the last ballet class of the summer for the adults (we can't use the studio this July), water my plants here and at my community garden, and go home and make dinner w/o my stove. Because I haven't had a stove since Saturday. More on that tomorrow.....

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