Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day From Heck

Early morning story programs at an elementary school's RIF day. I wanted to beg off, but the kids here are the underprivileged of the area, the librarian is well meaning (if undereducated) and I love storytelling to school age kids and alas seldom get to do it. Took a toll on my voice but enjoyed the kids (K-2, which now really means G1-3) who asked questions after the story (was that a real story? did you make it up? what kind of shark WAS it?) and participated in the join in parts. One young man left remarking "that was fun" and I was glad the feeling went both ways.

Back to work, enough time to eat breakfast and set up for the 11AM story hour, an all Sendak program. Way too many toddlers coming to a program that's SUPPOSED to be for the 2 and up set, but some of my favorite 2/3s were there as well. Did "Where the Wild Things Are" with my "Max" puppet, and gave all the kids "Wild Thing" drawings we used to use to make a "color a Wild Thing hat" mounted on craft sticks, so that they could be the Wild Things. Minimal mess left in the room after the program, mainly because I rolled up the purple truck where we ask people to place unwanted books and read the assembled nannies/parents the riot act about last week's mess. Most left after the program--sans books, of course, but then, since when do they EVER take out books?

Dental cleaning. My gums are fine, thank heavens, but 2 20-something year old crowns have decay around them and need to be replaced. So do two other 10-15 year old crowns. I should avoid root canal, but my dentist is going to be getting the equivalent of 4-8 months of mortgage payments, so my credit card company will love me. And I don't even want to think about JR's need for braces....

Home long enough to eat lunch, then picked up JR at school. I was off for the afternoon and we headed out to the burbs because her promotion/5th grade graduation is Monday and she STILL doesn't have something to wear. She has a nice skirt she got for her b-day, but we can't find a blouse she likes and she's tried on several dresses but in the end rejected them. She wants to wear the dress she wore to Nanay's funeral but I don't want her to BECAUSE she wore it to the funeral--and I don't like that dress anyway.

Some grocery shopping including picking up some dinner for the Man, SC and JR. Home through lots of traffic on I66. Another Greek salad for my dinner.

And now time to get JR to bed and crawl into bed myself. SO glad that this day is over!

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