Monday, June 21, 2010

Once More. Then (I Hope) Never Again: Dear PTA Supermom Twit:

No, you won't "see us around the neighborhood" because we don't live up in your fancy private house area, we live in the very nice condos nearby.
That is, we won't see you unless you, like some of the other folks in your neighborhood, know that they don't check ID at the pools for our condo association and you walk in on a regular basis. I mean, can't your overpaid lawyer spouses afford a membership at one of the pool clubs?  It can't cost more than my monthly condo fees do per year.
I'd raise hell about it this year, but SC can't get pool ID till she's 16 and I can't take her and JR on weekdays. Damned if your chutzpah should keep my girls from swimming in THEIR pools.....  

Please don't send me any more group e-mails.  I didn't care about your party today--or rather, I'd prefer to, as Nicole Hollander of "Sylvia" so eloquently put it "French kiss a rhino" than have to stand around listening to all of you chat about things that have nothing to do with the life my family lives.

JR didn't care either. though her best friend's mom offered to take her with them.  She enjoyed an afternoon at home with her dad and sister instead. She's looking forward to the pool party though. You know, the one the SCHOOL planned?  The one that all the kids will attend, even the kids whose families are ESL, or working parents, or other folks that don't fit your little group of privileged people?

After tomorrow, you and yours can kish mir in toches--and that of my tochter as well. Because we are done with you and your stupid little clique.

Goodbye and good luck. As I've said before, you and your friends are going to need it now that you will not be able to guarantee yourselves a social life via your kids.
JR's Mom

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