Saturday, June 05, 2010


SC has been a fan of "Riverdance" for years.  I've been promising to take her to see it live, but every year it's either been scheduled when we were away or we just couldn't go.
It is now in what is supposedly its "Farewell" tour now--though I suspect it'll return in years to come--and she and I went to Wolf Trap to see it last night.

It was warm, and we had two very large guys partially blocking our view at first (we later were able to move elsewhere). There was a small blond girl squirming a lot in front of us--poor baby.
I'd never seen the show all the way through and I found the narrative hokey and incoherent. SC was disappointed in the lead female dancer--lots of blond hair but very little emotion. Irish dance requires the upper body move little, but dancers like Jean Butler still manage to use their whole body to create the mood. You feel their warmth and energy from the top row. We didn't with this girl.
I love Irish music, but step dancing in general doesn't really do it for me--I'm a ballerina, amateur or not.
But I was enthralled by the flamenco dancer. We didn't see the program, butI believe her name is Rocio Montoya and she was AMAZING. The fluid grace of her arms just blew me away--the sort of grace I will always aspire to in ballet and never come near achieving.
This version is by Maria Pages, whom SC says is even better:

The other show stopper was the number featuring 2 African American dancers versus the male Irish dancers. This may not have been such a good idea, because it clearly shows that as creative as the choreographers try to be, step dancing just cannot match this sort of dance. Again, these are not the performers we saw, but the ones we saw were as good:

The musicians were wonderful, we got away from the big guys and the poor whiny kid to the top row where we could feel cool breezes, and things are so well set up that when the show was over and we got back to our car we were able to get out of the parking area and on our way in minutes.
And SC got to see "Riverdance" live. She went home happy.

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