Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salad and Silence

After a dress rehearsal Friday and a ballet recital yesterday (more about those later) I am pooped and happy that SC, JR and friends are all at the pool.  I love the pool, but right now what I am loving is the silence. And the chance, for the first time in several Sundays, to enjoy my Greek salad.

Most Sundays year round the Man and I eat Greek salad for lunch. It's best in summer when we have our own tomatoes and fresh cucumbers from the farmer's market--I'm hoping to have homegrown cukes too this summer. But even in the coldest grayest time in winter, Greek salad brings a bit of summer to our lives.

The true Greek village salad doesn't include salad greens, but with us it usually does. The dressing is usually a simple oil/vinegar or oil/lemon juice with oregano and garlic. As soon as I can harvest some of the good strong Greek oregano from my garden, I will make a batch of dressing. Right now (shame of shames) I am using a spray dressing that is better for me in terms of Weight Watchers and tastes reasonably good. Or try balsamic vinegar--it's wonderful on red onions. And I really prefer red onions in this salad.
Here's the basic idea. Take it from here, make your own variations and enjoy.

Tomatoes (sliced ripe tomatoes or the "grape" tomatoes you can get year round)
Cucumbers--sliced. In the winter, if you can get "pickling" cukes, you will find them sweeter
Red onion--sliced fine or thick as you prefer. Try marinating them briefly in balsamic vinegar before adding them.
Salad Greens--we like mixes marked as "spring greens" or "Mediterranean" but choose your favorite. Right now we have fresh leaf lettuce from our garden, though it's a bit bitter
Feta Cheese--we buy a good Greek version Costco carries.
Dressing--oil/lemon or oil/vinegar 3:1   Add some crushed garlic and crumbled oregano
Pita Bread:Eat it on the side. Better still, halve it, put one half on the bottom of your salad plate and let it soak up the flavors to eat last. You can also roll the whole salad into a pita--Pita Salads at Wendy's introduced me to Greek Salad in the first place.
Kalamata Olives: I like mine on the side, but you can add them directly to the salad.
Combine to your taste, sit down, and enjoy!

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