Wednesday, June 02, 2010

She's Rather Be With Us

That's not what I'm going to tell the party moms. I will just tell them that we have family plans and thank them for the invitation.
I didn't feel that I could turn the party down without telling JR about it. Three of the four school friends she invited for her birthday are going.
I could ask the girl of that group's mom to take JR along with her daughter. We're friends--she goes to ballet with me, she's not a prime part of the PTA clique and she knows how I feel about that scene. She'd happily take JR along with S--the girls are very close.
I told JR as much. I was truthful--she knows I don't like dealing with the mommy clique. But I wanted her to have the chance to go and be with her friends.
She's opted instead for lunch out with us and an afternoon home with the Man. If the weather is good they'll go swimming.
"There's a reception after the ceremony with cake and lemonade. Why do they need another party?" she wanted to know.
I love that girl!

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