Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Three More Weeks and We Are SO Out of This School...

Dear Most Annoying of All the Annoying PTA Supermoms,
In response to your e-mail two weeks ago:
If you are getting this note again, it means I didn't hear back from you. Does that mean you're ignoring me?

As a matter of fact, yes.
I am ignoring you. I have been ignoring you and the rest of your crowd for years. I have been ignoring your fall ice cream socials and Christmas craft workshops. I've been ignoring your "family movie nights" and "sock hops" and the Spring Bazaar.
My daughter doesn't want to go to your events. Her sister never wanted to go either.
Because your kids were not their friends.

I'm not a SAHM able to hang out at the kiss and ride in the morning. I can't hover over my kids in the classroom. After school I pick them up and I can't linger at the playground. My kids haven't gone to soccer league or Girl Scouts or whatever the hell your kids are programmed endlessly into after school.

We are not part of your world and outside of school my girls are off your radar.
Truthfully, in terms of me, it's fine. I went to high school a long time ago. I've got no time for your little clique now. I'm not desperate for the company of other moms--I get that all day at work. I'd rather be home, cooking dinner and hanging out with my kids.
I do feel bad that my girls didn't have the social life they should have during their elementary years. Then again, SC has a nice social life now. And you know what?

NONE of the kids she went to elementary school is a part of it. And I like the kids she's meeting now a lot better than I liked YOUR kids. They're a lot nicer!
Now, as for your e-mails today about your  "promotion party" at someone's lovely home after the ceremony, JR already HAD what she called "the best day ever" birthday party this weekend. She invited the 4 kids among 60 odd in the grade that she actually wanted to have at a party. And I find it very notable that 3 out of 4 were BOYS, and that 2 of them were kids like my kids. Kids who are off the social radar.
And hey, aren't  they are already having a pool party the day after the promotion ceremony?Why are you so desperate to have another party?
Could it be that it is YOUR social life that has mattered all along, not your kids?
Good luck to you. You're going to need it amidst all the other queen bees from all the other elementary schools.  And you just might find out that your kids aren't going to be best friends forever and ever once they get into that bigger school!
Looking forward to getting through the promotion ceremony and getting the hell away from the minivans blocking the way at the kiss and ride, the endless pointless PTA events and all the rest of the crap that's developed since you and yours fled the more urban schools, plunked them into ours and turned it from a small, reasonably diverse little school into a rich SAHM white mommies playground, I am:

JR's Mother

P.S. Most of you don't know me and probably think because JR has a Spanish last name her mom is a cleaning lady or something and doesn't speak English.  Those of you who do know me mostly knew me as the Library Lady. You took your kids to my programs back when they were overscheduled toddlers and I haven't seen you in my library since.......

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