Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Still Here

Right now I am typing this at home, but for the last week we've been on Chincoteague. The girls and I drove home today (it's an easy 3 hour drive) to check on the cats, my garden and do some shopping. Since the Man has his car, we left him there, free to go to Norfolk or further and go to all the yard sales, flea markets, book stores and antique places he seldom has time to visit. Hope he has a great time and doesn't find much ;D

We are not in our usual cottage and are all terribly homesick for it.  But it only has one bedroom, and the living room sofa bed is in bad shape--only JR slept on it last year while SC slept on an Aerobed and altogether it was a pain. As was the bedroom bed--hard as a rock. Not comfortable for me.

The bed we are sleeping in on this vacation is the opposite-- way too soft and the Man thrashes around and SNORES. Loudly. It's much worse than at home, where he snores too, but the bed supports him better. So several nights I have ended up on a futon in the living room. I haven't been sleeping too well anyway--rather not go into that right now.

But we are supposed to have lots of warmth and sunshine for the upcoming week. Hopefully the Hurricane Danielle ripcurrents that must be keeping a lot of weekenders off the beach will ease up for the weekdays, and we'll have the sort of splendid beach weather we've had the last day or two--early part of the week wasn't ideal.

We brought all 3 bikes--that's why we took 2 cars and the Man has been riding a lot. Thursday I tremblingly got on MY bike--first time in years--and rode on the side street near the house with JR's cheering me on.

And yesterday, I rode 2 miles on Assateague Island. Riding on roads with the cars was the scary part, but there are bike paths as well. The Man was thrilled!

So today I'll go to the garden and the supermarket. Possibly my office too--need some more books to read.
And if possible, not YA fantasies--I brought too many this week.

Tonight I'll sleep in my own bed, which is neither too hard nor too soft, but just right. Hopefully I WILL sleep--preferably with the cats snuggling me. I'll miss the Man, but not his snoring--and I'll hope he's had a good today.

Tomorrow morning we'll load a few extra things we need from the house, promise the cats we'll really stay home next time and get some peaches at the farmer's market.

And then it's back to Chincoteague for week two.


Anonymous said...

Agoog night's sleep us a true gift. Hope you get it, and some great weather for the rest of your vacation.

Vera said...

Sounds exciting! I haven't been on a bike in a loooooooong time!