Friday, August 13, 2010

The Jet Blue Guy Isn't Funny. Or A Hero.

Anyone who deals with the public has tales of the a-holes they've dealt with. Of rudeness. Of ingratitude. The whole shebang.

And anyone who has dealt with any sort of customer service--be it from a business or a government employee is likely to have tales of indifference, of sheer nastiness.

So why are people cheering THIS a-hole?

I have been in public service longer than he's been an airline attendant. Before that, when I was in grad school, I worked in a bank.

Yes, the public is rude. Yes, the public can be nasty and demanding and ungrateful.

But your job is to serve that public.

You do it. You do the best job you can. You stay polite and courteous--hell, often the best way to defuse a nasty is to be so damn polite they run out of abuse.

And THEN, you go back into the office or wherever you have to hide from the public and you curse them out.

Anyone who has ever experienced a guy like this moron shouldn't be laughing and cheering.

They should be appalled that behavior like this has become all too commonplace.

It's NOT funny. It's depressing.

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