Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday In Snow City

We got around 20 inches, but the drifts and movement made it hard to measure.
Dug out the Man's car yesterday--took about 1 1/2 hours--and this morning we drove it to the supermarket. Bless Giant Food, which handles snow well. We've got plenty of dry goods and stuff in the freezer, but we needed perishables They had milk--I started Friday with about 1 1/2 gallons but I've got 2 girls Laughing. No strawberries, but grapes, not a lot of salad stuff but plenty of the baby carrots the girls both eat. Extra eggs because I'm on a baking binge--this week I've made challah, Nanay's sticky buns, corn bread and banana bread. Plus tomorrow is SC's b-day so I have to make her a cake!
She will probably be celebrating that birthday with another day at home--which is NOT her birthday wish! But our short trip this morning showed us that though the highway was clear, the secondary roads are still treacherous and the side streets a mess. The plows have created walls of snow, making it hard to exit from a parking space. And what HAS been shoveled will freeze. There's ice on the streets too--I slipped and fell on my tuches on a patch I didn't see. Luckily, all that was injured was my dignity--I mean, I know how to walk on ice!
All of it will freeze again tonight. Plus there are predictions of more snow tomorrow evening and night, so I don't see school reopening until at least Thursday (!)

I'm just hoping the city will continue to consider the library a "non-essential" service and keep us closed as well. Otherwise, my annual leave totals will take a hit.
The Man's office IS essential--public works! He stayed home today, but I think he may go in tomorrow and if he does, I don't know if he'll be home until the next day--or later.
The girls have been out sledding and are going again this afternoon. We are going to have to try to clear my car, which is even more deeply buried than the Man's was. Pictures later.......

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