Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back To School and Down Memory Lane

Went to SC's back to school night last night. Her school building is only about 4 years old and absolutely beautiful. Her teachers are a nice lot too--overall I was very impressed.

SC is impressed too. "Mom, you know so many of my teachers."

Well, not that many. But her art teacher immediately recognized me as the librarian at the library where she went with her daughter for years.Her daughter was an enthusiastic reader, a summer reading participant and now apparently is an aspiring writer.

And when I went to SC's math class her teacher had an assistant. Male, African American, in his mid-30s. Balding, impeccably dressed--fancy shirt with French cuffs and cuff links and all.

He looked at me and asked if he knew me. Initially I mistook him for one of JR's current teachers and wondered why he was there too. But that wasn't him.

Then, when he was introduced, I knew him. Memories came flooding back.

When the presentation was over I went over to him and said, "You certainly DO know me. Because back around 20 years ago I  sometimes had to throw you out of the library!"

In my early years at the branch he and his brother and his sister came in a lot. His brother and sister gave me a lot of problems. But most of the time Chris was one of the kids who came in and talked to me. When I got our AppleIIGS computer (for those of you who remember those) he was one of the kids helping me unpack it and set it up and using the early games.

I  really did throw him out occasionally--he hung out with a boy who was a real troublemaker.
He had his problems, but he came shining through. He's done well for himself.

It wasn't because of what I did. I played a very minor role in his life. I can take no credit for his success.
But he remembered too and he gave me a huge grin.  And I feel very very proud to know him.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good event, then. It's not easy to impress you :)

I'm learning that there are some perks to getting older, and one is meeting adults that we knew as kids.

enupoo said...

@de, that is so true. My kids' peers are all young women and men now, and I am so delighted by how they've grown up and intrigued by the paths they've chosen. Although it's always a shock that they're not still, like, 7.