Sunday, September 05, 2010

Home Earl-y

Thursday morning on Assateague Beach

There is something about hurricanes/tropical storms starting with the letter "E"and the years our daughters have been about to enter 6th grade that has made for a less than perfect ending to our annual summer vacations on Chincoteague.

Back in 2006, it was Ernesto, and SC about to enter middle school. We didn't leave during the storm and as I recounted here on the old blog, it really wasn't the way we wanted to end our vacation.

This time it was Hurricane Earl and JR about to start middle school. And this time,in a different, much more isolated house, at the end of a 2 week vacation, the idea of staying through a day of rain and winds and then having to leave on a nice sunny day just didn't appeal to us.

So Thursday evening we packed up the cars, stopped one more time at the Island Creamery (and we took several pints with us) and headed home.

Home to our much more comfortable beds. Home to our kitty cats who plunked themselves in bed with me and snuggled for all they were worth. Home to my garden, which is in sad need of some TLC. Home where JR could have visits from her friends--Leia is sleeping over tonight, Susie was here yesterday.

Home to sleep late and laze about a bit and not do too much.

Because Tuesday it's back to school. And work. And reality.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Personally, I prefer a day or two of re-entry at home, too. And Im sure JR appreciated the chance to see a friend before school started. Hoping everyone has a great week. Thinking of riding your bike to work?