Thursday, September 16, 2010

Middle School Blues

I knew the transition to middle school wouldn't be easy for JR. She worried about it all summer. And there were some legitimate reasons.

It's a big, noisy,crowded middle school that's a far cry from her small, insular elementary school. She's small for her age. Her best friend from school is not there with her. Changes, changes.

JR has complained about her locker--she's having trouble with the lock. She's kvetched about how some of the classrooms are too warm and others are too cold. She doesn't like the smell in the gym--and that's before they've really had a chance to get sweaty in it. She commented last night that she is bored most of her classes--well, that's what you get when you take fewer honors classes than you're capable of.

This morning it was that the bus was too noisy. And she wanted me to drive her to school. Which is fine. I drove SC to school every day when she was at the same school and I'd offered to do it for her in the first place. I'll miss that nice 1/2 hour I was getting to sit with the cats and relax before going to work, but since I didn't expect to get it in the first place, that's no big deal.

But what IS a big deal is the complaints about "my head hurts"  "my throat feels itchy" "I feel dizzy"  "my nose is running".  The nights where she either doesn't go to bed from stalling or appears one hour later with some sort of health issue. The mornings when she's wailing about the same--including this morning when her scene made us late getting out of the house. I think SC made it on time, but JR was in at the very last minute.

I KNOW some of this is allergies. But I don't know how much. Or how bad. Especially since she pulled similar this stuff several days this summer. And one minute she's wailing, the next she's giggling and doing something fun.

I suspect it's real symptoms being exaggerated. But that doesn't stop me from worrying.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me laugh when moms of toddlers have "issues".
That stuff is a snap compared to this sort of angst.................


enupoo said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. And for her, of course, too.

I think it is probably hard for anyone to tease out exactly how much of it is real physical ailment. It is still early in the year, and I hope she becomes more comfortable with the school. I don't know if you have much in the way of options - I am guessing, not. Or much in the way of support from the school for the issues she's going through. Maybe call a meeting with her teacher(s), counselor, etc. if it goes on much longer.

As for moms of toddlers despairing at their toddlers issues - yeah, that was me, totally. Like "suicide hotline on speed-dial" desperate. I found those years extremely out of control. Everything after that was much easier (for me.) We all are dealing with different children, personalities, other family problems, strengths and weaknesses. So I hope you don't really laugh at them ;-)

The Library Lady said...

I NEVER laugh at parents. Shake my head, perhaps, but not until they are out of the library ;-)

I did talk with her yesterday about the fact that I think she is exaggerating her symptoms and that she is stressed. She insists she is NOT stressed about school, but she's a lot like me personality wise and I know that stress always shows up in me physically.

The changing hours have probably had an effect too--if she doesn't get enough sleep, she doesn't do well and she hasn't been sleeping well lately. Last night I let her stay up half an hour later w/me and she didn't stall bedtime with symptom complaints. And she didn't complain much this morning--only about a stuffy nose from the antihistamines she's been taking. So I am hoping that next week will be better, and just planning on keeping an eye on things.