Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer Isn't Real Life

No school. Ten weeks of figuring out how to fill up the girls weeks.No school lunches to pack, no homework assignments to supervise. Leisure when I come home from work--no rush to make dinner because bedtime isn't as early. Unless someone's in an extra early camp, the only thing that forces me to get up before 8AM are Bella and Bart's howls for for food.

A lighter work schedule of programs--no toddler programs! No programs at all in August. Time to work on other projects, read all those new books or sometimes simply sit in my office and let my eyes glaze over for a bit.

Vacations trips and visits from friends on trips of their own. Weekend afternoons at the swimming pool. Tomatoes taking their sweet time to arrive in my garden and butternut squash plants that are even more fiendish than zucchini is reputed to be. Flowers in my gardens--zinnias in my veggie garden alive with butterflies, the delight of a monarch butterfly arriving in my library garden. Nanay's rosebush surprising me by blooming again--two roses at Mother's Day, but then three more flowers now as summer draws to a close.

It's not real life, but like real life it's not all good. My stress levels fail to drop--if some of the usual worries disappear,there are new things. Weird symptoms of perimenopause. Root canals. The discovery that I am just not ready to have an empty nest yet--a week without my kids isn't the fun it's cracked up to be!

Tomorrow it's back to reality. Back to alarm clocks and school lunches and planning for a full fall worth of story hours and cramming everything that needs to be done into a few hours each evening.

The first day of "real" high school for SC. The first day of middle school for JR--and she's terrified.

Here comes fall. Back to "real" life..............

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Anonymous said...

You reeled me in and had me longing for the 4th of July instead of the 7th of Sept.

I hope the girls have a good first day. Funny, I mostly have positive memories of school, but that was the academic part. I have mostly blocked the horrific social aspects from my mind.

Perimenopause is pretty terrifying too, let me tell you.