Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OK, Boys Do This Too

Had a nice young man come in today needing a book on dolphins. Showed him where the books were and went back to the circulation desk where I was making library cards for his four siblings.
BTW, all five kids had separate surnames. Happens a lot around here...

He came back from the shelves some minutes later with 1 book. "That's all I can find on dolphins." he said.

"Sweetie (yes, I call kids stuff like that), there are at least 5 other books on that shelf on dolphins"

"I didn't see them!"

We went back to the shelf where I pulled out, sure enough, 5-6 books, all on dolphins.

"I never saw them!" he declared.

And I went back to the desk laughing and told his mom that I was glad to know that it's just not my girls who do that.

Because the number of times JR or SC has been hunting for something that's there, right in front of them have been countless.....

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