Saturday, October 30, 2010

Return To Sanity? VOTE!

Right now I am home hoping to avoid any traffic in Northern Virginia caused by the Stewart/Colbert rally across the river and I am wondering how many of those people really really care enough about this country to do more than attend this event. About how many of them came purely to see a live version of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" About how the line between entertainment  and real, actual news in this country has so blurred that Jon Stewart has more gravitas than someone from ABC or CBS or NBC.

Somehow I'm glad "Uncle" Walter Cronkite isn't around to see it. Our news broadcasters used to just REPORT the news and let us think about it, not put their spin on it.

If you want to restore sanity, demand accountability from your legislators. Raise hell when you see corporations being allowed to do what average citizens cannot and get away from it.

Don't let our President, whom I admire, think that watered down legislation that does only part of what he promised is the full legislative chance we voted for.  Don't let the megalomaniacs on the other side who are trying to use people's ignorance and prejudices to further their interests against those same people continue to do their dirty work.

Do more than just watch the shows.

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