Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Honor Our Veterans

For hundreds, even thousands of years, countries have tried to intervene, to conquer Afghanistan. 
Alexander the Great was there. So was Genghis Khan. The Russians, the Britains, the Soviets, and now we, the Americans, have tried to master this land.

They all failed eventually. As we have.

If we had gone in to take out Al Qaeda, to really take out Osama bin Laden, and then left, we might have succeeded. But we did not. We came in with the arrogant goal of "nation building" and with the real agenda being Bush/Cheney's plans for the invasion of Iraq.

Nine years later, we are still there and only superficial progress has been made.
Thousands of young people have given their lives there, or been injured in ways from which they will never recover. We will be dealing with the legacy of the PTSD veterans for decades.

We are pouring billions of American tax dollars into a war we cannot win, while here at home our infrastructure crumbles, our schools and social services diminish from underfunding. The war mongers want to cut the deficit by cutting everything here at home, while the war machine makes a fat profit for the big businesses it subsidizes, and none of it goes back into our economy. 

And young people keep dying.
Today, on Veteran's Day, as we honor our grandfathers and fathers, our uncles and our brothers, our mothers and aunts and sisters who have given their service to this country, we need to honor them by pushing with all our might to end this "war". To bring our veterans home and to spend the money we are using to wage war to wage peace, here and abroad.

There would be no better way to say "thank you" for their service than to strengthen the country they represented so proudly.

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