Monday, November 08, 2010

Pierced Ears and A Barong

JR decided to have her ears pierced, and we did it this weekend.

SC went to her best friend's Sweet 16 party wearing a black skirt and this top,a Filipino shirt called a barong. Now she has something dressy for Christmas!

And after a weekend of endless shopping, gardening, general errand running, cooking and the Man's spending most of the weekend making 2 apple pies (really), I am happy to be in the relative peace of my office!


Anonymous said...

SC's blouse is gorgeous! She looks lovely in red, and it's nice that it will double for Christmas. Which reminds me that I should probably have Fiona try on her dress from last year... although she said she wants to wear the red skirt she wore on Halloween - minus the devil tail, I think!

I learned through ear piercing that my daughter has inherited her father's sensitive skin. At Halloween I bought her some candy corn earrings that damn burned holes through her head!

JR looks happy with her new acquisition. I hope she doesn't have any troubles. I think it's nice to see the girls looking like young ladies.

Anonymous said...

damn-near, that is.

The Library Lady said...

I was worried there for a moment :D

Yes, we are going to be very careful with earrings, after this past summer's hives :(

JR is the first one of us to get her ears pierced--neither my mom nor I have them. My mom has spent decades losing clip earrings and I don't like them either.

On the other hand, my Filipino nieces and great nieces all have had them from infancy, and my sister-in-law said that now that JR has pierced ears, she will get included when she divides up Nanay's earrings. But even that's not incentive enough for SC to do it--she's just not into jewelry.