Friday, November 19, 2010


I love what I do for a living--mostly.

There are days when the toddlers rampage and the nannies either blithely ignore them or encourage them, days when I find picture books with torn pages shoved back on the shelf, days when I find goldfish crackers scattered across the rug despite all the no "eating in the library signs"

But then there are days when the story hour is perfect--just perfect. And then the mother whose 3 little girls have each come in turn to story times (and I love all 3) shows up with flowers for me. She found out from the circ manager (fink) when my birthday is, and since it's on Thanksgiving this year and we won't have story time then she brought them on Wednesday.
And then she got the whole story hour group to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Embarrassing, but done with love coming at me in all directions.

I'd do what I do for no pay if I could, just for moments like this--and the hugs that followed.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet!