Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What My Girls Did Yesterday

After dinner last night & breakfast today, this is now 3/4 gone!
This is the cornbread JR and SC baked together yesterday afternoon--their first on their own. And it's as good as if I'd made it myself.

I DID leave the dry ingredients pre-mixed, much as you would a box mix. But learning to bake from a mix is how I learned how to bake--and they did it all on their own.

You can find the recipe posted on what started out as an archive, and has now become my second blog, The Library Lady Cooks.


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love cornbread that is sweet like a muffin. I didn't realize you were so busy over at the cooking blog. Looking forward to checking it out!

The Library Lady said...

Being a King Arthur recipe, from Vermont, it is truly Northern style cornbread. Funny how Southerners like their tea sweeter than sweet, but don't use sugar in cornbread!