Saturday, November 13, 2010

"What We Did" --Is Nowhere Near Enough

Dear Mitch Stewart, "Organizing For American" and above all, President Obama:

It's a nice little presentation you've got running now, about "What We Did" in terms of the 2010 campaign and the effort to get the vote out.

But you could have had thousands, perhaps MILLIONS of voters who stayed home on November 2, because what you have done for them every day of the past 2 years is less than your best.

In everything from education to health care to immigration to repealing "don't ask, don't tell", you have either failed to enact legislation or enacted legislation that is a pale imitation of what was needed. Watered down health care bills, half hearted attempts at bank reform. No requiring accountability to the corporations that have gotten steadily richer as the rest of us struggle to survive.

A continuation of the wars in the Middle East that have made us hated there, that are steadily bankrupting us, that are killing and maiming thousands of our young people. All for nothing productive.

And now word that once more you are going to cave in to the Republicans on the Bush tax cuts, cuts that even the less informed among us don't want the rich to have.

At a time when their rates should be going up at least to Reagan era levels, when the loopholes should be tightened to stranglehold levels, when the same people who back the cuts are simultaneously going on about cutting the deficit, you are planning on caving in, in the name of a bi-partisan spirit these wolves don't even pretend to have!

I expected last Tuesday's results--hell, I expected it could be far, far, worse.
Truly, the LEAST you can do to thank us for getting off our tuches and going to the polls, instead of allowing our disillusionment to let more of the loons into public office.

But then, you've done the least you can do for the past 2 years. And if you don't get off YOUR tuches and start taking decisive action, you'll be out in 2012.

And then God--or whoever is running this show--help us all.

The Library Lady


Anonymous said...

Wish I had written this! Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.

The Library Lady said...

I want to support this administration--I really do. But they're not doing anything visible in return for our support.

I keep thinking they should have engineered stimulus checks. People would have had money to pay for some of those bills, and it would have made them feel as if the government was doing SOMETHING for them. And betcha none of those anti-government Tea Party loons would've refused theirs :/