Monday, December 06, 2010

Channukah Party, Part One

We've taken to having them every year, in large part because it forces the Man to clean up more and more of his crap. In fact, I had high hopes of getting him to clear the tops of the bookcases, the miscellaneous junk that he keeps in front of the books on the shelves AND the clippings/other junk that stick out of other bookcases.

Didn't happen.

I did manage to get him to assemble the new Ikea table that holds 8 people easily, closes down to hold just the 4 of us and take up less space in the dining area of our downstairs. We got 4 nice new chairs to go with it and they came assembled, so all I had to do was open the boxes.

Before Sunday's party, he was supposed to clear more of his junk that sits along the bookcases, the books piled in front one of the bookcases, the papers he's been packratting in the ottoman that could hold the other junk he strews about the living room part of downstairs and perhaps even the boxes of recyclable paper UNDER the sofa.
Really. He is not at the pace of the infamous Collyer brothers, but he has hoarding tendencies that alarm me. I mean he DOES recycle stuff, but it takes ages.

But there was the new cabinet for the kitchen. And the toilet.

The cabinet was planned. For the past few years the corner of our kitchen that used to hold the washing machine has been occupied by a wooden kitchen cart that wasn't sufficient to hold cases of cat food, some of my baking gear, our Foreman grills and other odds and ends. And it looked ugly--because behind it were pipes from the washing machine that is now upstairs.

Because of the pipes, the Man said installing a cabinet was impossible. Until I got determined and found us a decent enough freestanding cabinet at Home Depot.

He was supposed to assemble it Saturday. Then the toilet had problems. First the chain, and then he realized that the valve needed replacing. Critical stuff since we only have the one bathroom!

He went and got the chain and the valve. Then it turned out the valve didn't work and he had to go out and buy a different set.

By midnight Saturday things were working again, but it meant the cabinet couldn't get assembled until Sunday.

Now if my darling husband had done what he should've, the cabinet would have been done bright and early and by the time our guests started arriving. I mean, while he'd been doing all this I'd baked 4 dozen rugelach, about the same in almond macaroons and almond cookies with Nutella filling and made 3 quarts of applesauce.  And Sunday morning I was up making hummus and filling for spanakopita.

But he didn't.

Guests starting arriving and there was all the junk that had been on the cart piled around, and there was the cabinet, only half assembled in the middle of our living room area. Did I mention that we live in a townhouse where downstairs is one large, but not that large, a room?

Fortunately most of our guests are family or friends that know us well. And all went well--more on that tomorrow.

And the toilet WAS working. Kind of important when you're having a party........

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