Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Diaper Is Full

That's going to be my new expression, because, as I told a colleague today, I am both pooped and pissed.

I am pooped because conducting a "dance" program, complete with a lovely assortment of props, for a crowd of mainly 2 year olds, is no easy thing any time.

I am pissed because many of the nannies/parents of said 2 year olds don't want to participate along with their kids. I had a pair of nannies who plunked themselves and their charges down along the "dance floor" and had no plans to participate!  I made them move out of the way of the group, and they SAT there on their fat asses with their charges, both little boys who would probably have LOVED jumping and running and being active with some encouragement from those nannies.

And I am just as pissed at the parents who stood there and didn't take their kids by the hand and guide them through things. Saying "Watch Miss L," to a 2 year old doesn't work!

Most of the props are hand made--the paper fans we use for the "Tea" dance, for one. And half of them are torn because people let their littles handle them--and all they do is hold them by the fan part and tear them. I have to make another bunch for my preschools and for the afternoon group tomorrow.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, because the preschool teachers will help me give out things, and the kids are older and will participate with minimal help from the grownups. And the same for the after school kids--the adults will help and the kids will not only dance, they will do it with little prompting.

Plus their parents/nannies will help. Not one damned parent/nanny offered help today.

And most of them said "Merry Christmas, see you in  January" and left without one damn book.

Like I said, I am pooped. And boy, am I PISSED.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Those grown ups have forgotten how to have fun! Thank heavens you provide such a good example for so many children day after day. Don't let that diaper drag you down!

Saints and Spinners said...

No fun! No wonder your diaper is full. I wonder if there's a way to zero in on specific nannies/parents who don't participate so that everyone scrambles to DO WHAT MISS L SAYS in order not to be singled out.

For some reason, it's fun to participate along with toddlers and preschoolers, but I don't like to clap in church. In fact, I hate it, and feel pestered when the clapping starts. Maybe it's because I don't have a toddler anymore.