Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Parking Fairy

I read and enjoyed this book by Justine Larbalestier, but I can't remember if the heroine really DID manage to ditch her fairy.

Everyone in her version of the world has one, and hers is the fairy that finds you a parking space no matter where you go.

Well, either she ditched her, or she loans her to me in December. Because this month as I dash from store to store, no matter whether it's for our Chanukkah party or for Christmas shopping, I always seem to find a great parking space wherever I go!

I won't be needing her tonight because tonight we are heading out to Pennsylvania to spend the night at our favorite hotel. Tomorrow after a few stops for some special holiday goodies (my dad loves Wilbur chocolate), we will be heading further north towards New York and holiday times with our family--everyone but my brother and his family, that is :(

But there's valet parking at the wonderful restaurant we're having dinner at tomorrow night--the one we went to back in May, the one we got married in.

There's a garage near my parents' house, and we'll be paying $10 a night to park there and avoid the chaos that is trying to park your car in the Bronx. And Christmas Day, there will be the garage near my in-laws house.

And then we're going home.Probably Sunday, instead of Monday, because of the snow threat.
Home to where there will be a parking space in our small lot, because we'll leave the Man's car there while we're away.

So I won't need you again this week, Parking Fairy.

Thanks. And happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine wanting to ditch a parking fairy if I had one! Although I can't say I've had the best spots, I haven't had any parking problems because I haven't been too rushed to take a less convenient spot and walk a little further. It helps that it has been dry - good parking matters more when there is slush!

Have a wonderful trip & I hope that slop that is coming doesn't cause you too much trouble getting home. (The worst ever drive I ever had was from west of DC to CT in the rain - it took eleven hours.)

Saints and Spinners said...

To be fair, the main character had a good reason for wanting to ditch her parking fairy. She was 14, and people would use her to get the good parking spaces. She would have appreciated a fairy that actively helped her in the present.

I for one am a fan of the parking fairy. Glad she was there for you!