Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photos From Dad's Calendar

My father has been taking wonderful photographs for years.Most of his work was printed as slides, and slide shows were always a part of family evenings when we were kids. But his projector failed and there haven't been shows for my kids.

Last Christmas I gave him a scanning device for slides, but between hospitalizations, travel, etc, he never got around to trying it. And though he works hard at being tech savy, he's 89 and gets frustrated working with computers.

So this spring I started bringing boxes of his slides home from NYC and I've been scanning them and saving them to my computer.

It's wonderful and horrible to see the old slides of the family, making me both happily and unhappily nostalgic. But his nature slides never do anything but make me smile.

He has a wonderful eye for composition and color. And if I have a feel for plants, I think these photos show where I get it.

Here's a show of some of the slides I used to make him a calendar for Christmas.
Some are from Cape Cod, some from the New York Botanical Gardens and other locations near his Bronx home and some are from Lake Taghkanic State Park in the Hudson Valley, where we spent many wonderful vacations.


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Anonymous said...

These are really special! I can understand why you worked so hard on this project.

Happy New Year.