Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Lucia At the Library

You may know from past years that our library holiday parties tend to have themes. One year we did "Christmas In Hawaii", another year it was "Candyland" and yet another was "Christmas on the Farm".

We've got about half the staff we used to have and most of the crazy, wonderful creative folk are among those we have lost. So things have gotten simpler in the last year or two.

We almost didn't have a theme this year, until I realized that December 13 is Santa Lucia Day. So we dressed the room in blue and silver hung up the star lights we've often used before, added lots of votives and lanterns (good thing I have all that stuff at home that I use for the house during Chanukkah), and we were set.

I brought Swedish meatballs--from Ikea, but with a homemade sauce you can find HERE on The Library Lady Cooks--and made lingonberry drink from a concentrate also purchased at Ikea. There was lots of other non-Swedish food as well, and everyone had a good time.

Including the penguin..............

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