Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear 245 Congressmen Who Voted Against Health Care Today

If you don't want the rest of us to have "socialized medicine", why do you accept it yourself?

Every single one of your parasites has access to a government health care system. None of you is turning it down. Hell, one of your newbies got ticked because he couldn't get his insurance from day one of his term in office!

The health care law is leaving health care in the hands of the private industry. We're NOT all getting what you have, what President Obama originally promised us when he was campaigning.

It's not putting health care decisions into the hands of the government. You can choose your insurance. Yes, you have to buy insurance, but don't you have to buy car insurance or pay into an uninsured pool? And don't tell me, "well, you don't have to own a car". Because all of you do..

The only jobs the health care law might possibly kill are those for the fat cat lobbyists who have been filling your pockets with money for years.

And in the years to come, when your act today is reflected upon, it will prove what a nasty, self serving, uncaring bunch of poor excuses for human beings it has ever been our shame to have in public office.

In the notorious words of one of your most despicable members: You LIE!

The Library Lady

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