Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Office Of Personnel Management

Okay, so you were listening to the local clowns who do the weather on the local news. Or you were heeding the National Weather Service, who until yesterday were very,very conservative about the bad weather.

But this AM, the clowns were warning the storm would strike around 4PM. The National Weather Service had us all under a Winter Storm WARNING as of 4PM.

So why in hell didn't you let the Fed workers go home around 1PM?

They left at 4PM right as the rain, and the sleet and finally the fast, fast snow began to come down. And with it the power lines and the tree branches because it's a wet snow.

As a result, the highways have been jammed all night.

My own spouse, who works for one of the local governments, left his office at 5PM and didn't get home until 9:30. Four and a half hours to do a 45 minute commute, most of that time actually sitting in traffic with his engine off because nothing was moving!

And if you HAD let the Fed folks go home, perhaps the local governments would've closed earlier too and I wouldn't have had to sit at the library until 6PM with no one there but the staff, and had to drive on dark, barely plowed streets for a half hour when the trip normally takes me 10!

If you can't deal with emergencies when you know they're coming, I've got no faith in your skills if we have a sudden disaster.

And right now, I'm going to bed. At least the kids don't have school tomorrow and I'm staying home with them.

Wearily yours,
The Library Lady

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