Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fred Says: A Good Read

I am writing this review here and posting the link on Good Reads.

Instead of reviewing this book myself I have put the task into the hands of someone with far more expertise on this topic than myself or any other children's librarian, famous or obscure.
Namely, Fred, JR's sock monkey.

Fred's review follows. I wish to note that he was given no compensation for this review--at least as far as I know, JR can be devious that way.
Nor am I responsible for Fred-ster's language or behavior. He's not MY sock monkey. I have enough trouble with his human companion, who at 11 is showing alarming tween behaviors. Monkeys may be easier...........

Usually JR's mother hogs all the books for herself and JR isn't much better. That's okay, because JR's mom reads boring adult junk or horrible teen books about werewolves and vampires ( I keep hearing her complain about them). And JR reads "Percy Jackson" and stuff like that which MIGHT be good if it had monkeys or bananas or BANANAS in it, but it doesn't, so how can it possibly be good?

So now JR's mom has asked me to review a book about the only thing that matters:


Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah, the review.
Well, JR's mother says there are RULES about these things. You have to give it 1 to 5 stars. You have to say what you like or didn't like about this book. But since when does SHE follow the rules? I mean, hasn't she heard about monkeys needing a banana daiquiri on New Year's Eve? All we had round here was Filipino food and sparkling cider. I mean.....
Okay, okay, I'm getting to the book...........
This book is great because it's mainly got one word in it--the best word in the whole world. Can you guess what that is? 

It's also got this other word in it--what they call "the magic word". I don't think it's that magic. I mean, I say it and do I get a banana? Only sometimes.
But in this book there are two monkeys. There's the nice one in the red shirt--and the mean one in the blue shirt. Reminds me of my brother, kind of.

The mean monkey has a banana and won't share it with his brother until he says that magic word. When he does and gives it to him, the nice one wants to keep it all. But in the end, he shares it. The end.

The best part is the banana. The worst part is the end, because the banana is GONE!
I'm giving this book 17 1/2 million stars--no 17 1/2 million BANANAS!

Better still, how about giving ME 17 1/2 million bananas?


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Magpie said...

LOL. Bananas!

Did you read the New Yorker article about them? There's trouble in banana land.