Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know that anyone living further north is ROTFL at my excitement, but having been in what someone on the American Weather forum's Mid Atlantic board picturesquely described as a "snow anus" for every storm going back to December 26, the fact that I am now under a winter storm warning thrills me.

The girls are getting out of school 1 hour early, which they consider a rip-off, but it's still early. It looks as if the Man won't have snow duty tonight, though he'll probably have to go to work tomorrow morning. But by then the snow should be over.

I am just hoping that he and I will have minimal trouble getting home, because late afternoon is when the snow is really supposed to thump us.

I am very grateful that the TV weather idiots downplayed this storm until late yesterday--scared of crying wolf like they did December 26, I guess. It kept the bread, milk, toilet paper loons out of the store until last night.

By that time, my house was fully stocked. I'd known this might be coming and shopped a lot last Friday, and got a few extra things yesterday at lunch time.

And my lovely old Flexible Flyer sled came home with us from New York at Thanksgiving and the Man got it from storage last night.

For the first time in a good 30-35 years, it just might get to go out in the snow!

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Anonymous said...

woohoo! I have enjoyed sledding this year, now that both of my kids are old enough to manage it like reasonable people (instead of sucking every atom of fun out of it).

My kids got out at noon today (two hours early), but the storm is in a lull right now. It (it being another foot of snow) will presumably all fall in the night. I hope they have the day off tomorrow, because late arrival is nothing but a hassle.

Have fun! And don't forget to tuck everything in - snow can get into the darndest places.